Announcing a product recall

You should publish a recall notice and advertise the recall to everyone who may be affected by the unsafe product.

Creating a recall notice

The recall notice should have:

  • clear details and images of the recalled product
  • clear and simple information on the safety issue/hazard
  • instructions for consumers/owners on what to do
  • contact details such as an email address or New Zealand phone number.

It should:

  • be written in plain language that is clear and easy to understand. Avoid using formal legal language and jargon.
  • have a format and design features that make it clear it’s a safety issue and grabs the readers’ attention.

This template can be used for product recall notices.

Product recall notice template [DOCX, 1.1 MB]

Your notice should include:

  • Product identifiers - Provide information and images that identify the product. 
  • The safety issue - defect and hazard - Tell consumers/owners what is wrong with the product and the risk it presents - for example, a child may choke on a part if it comes loose.
  • What to do - Provide clear instructions on what customers should do. This could be to:
    • send the product back
    • take it to the retailer they bought it from
    • contact you for further instructions
    • register a claim on a website
    • If they should stop using the product right now, state this clearly.
  • Contact details - At a minimum, you should provide an email address and/or a New Zealand phone number.

Promoting a recall notice

Direct contact with recorded customers is the most effective way to communicate the recall.

We recommend that recall notices are prominently displayed on brand and retailer websites, social media and in stores.

You should also advertise the recall online or in newspapers or publications relevant to your customers.

We publicise product safety recall on this website and through our Facebook page.

You must notify product safety recalls to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (s31A, Fair Trading Act).