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It is important to be aware of potential harm when choosing products for babies and children. Children and babies rely on others to keep them safe, and there are things you can do about recalled products to make your home a safe place for children and babies.

Recalled products especially pose a serious hazard to young children and babies. Accidents can happen very quickly, and no one can watch a child or baby 100% of the time. By knowing and acting on recalled products, you can reduce risk.

A young child playing with colourful plastic blocks of varying shapes and sizes

About Product Recalls

When a product that you have bought is recalled, you may have rights to a refund or replacement, or the company may offer to repair the product.

The recall notice will tell you what’s wrong with the product and what you need to do about it.

Don’t keep using a product that has been recalled. You may be aware of the hazard and feel happy to accept any risk, but others who could use the product may not be.

More guidance on keeping kids and babies safe can be found here: link)

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