Safety standards – information for consumers

Many consumer products are covered by mandatory or voluntary safety standards, which aim to prevent injuries or reduce the risk of them happening.

About safety standards

Some products, such as cots, baby walkers and children’s nightwear, are covered by mandatory safety standards. This means that they are required by law under the Fair Trading Act 1986 to meet the specified safety standard.

Other products may be covered by voluntary safety standards. Products are not required by law to meet these standards – however, those that do meet them will be safer to use.

The safety standards that apply to a product will be stated in the product’s safety information.

As a consumer, you can encourage traders to supply safe products by always asking for goods which comply with a safety standard.

Check products for compliance

If a product:

  • meets an Australian/New Zealand Standard, it may carry the letters AS/NZS and the standard number
  • complies with an overseas standard, it may carry markings that show it complies with an International Standardisation organisation (ISO), European (EN), British (BS), or American (ASTM or CFR) standard
  • doesn’t state that it complies with a safety standard, ask the retailer why not. If they don’t know, shop elsewhere or contact the manufacturer for more information.