Report an unsafe product

If you believe a product is unsafe, you should contact the retailer or supplier. You can also let us know.

Your role as a consumer

As a consumer, you can encourage retailers to make sure that they sell safe goods by demanding goods that comply with safety standards.

When buying and using goods, make sure you choose products that:

  • are age appropriate
  • are appropriate for the intended use, and
  • don’t have any obvious hazards.

However, not all hazards are clearly visible or obvious when choosing a product. Some hazards, such as chemical content, can only be identified by rigorous laboratory testing. Other hazards may only become an issue under certain circumstances.

If you have product safety concerns

If you have concerns about the safety of a product, or are injured by a product or have a near miss, let the retailer know.

You have the right to a repair, refund, replacement or compensation under the Consumer Guarantees Act. One of the guarantees is that products must be of acceptable quality and this includes that the product is safe.

Faulty products – Consumer Protection(external link)

It’s also good to report your concerns to us – incident and safety reports from the public help government agencies identify, assess and respond to issues.

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