Inclined infant sleep products – product safety

Certain types of inclined infant sleep products are banned under an unsafe goods notice.

What you need to know

Inclined sleepers have been linked to more than 100 infant deaths internationally.

Importing, selling or gifting some types of inclined infant sleep products (inclined sleepers) has been banned in New Zealand.

The ban applies to new and second-hand products that:

  • are intended to contain a child under 1 year of age, and
  • are designed, intended, marketed, or make any representation that they are suitable for sleep, and
  • have a sleep surface angled more than 7 degrees from the horizontal.

Inclined infant sleep products – unsafe goods notice

What you need to do

If you own a banned product, you should stop using it and put it away or dispose of it to make sure no one else uses it.

You won’t be able to sell it second-hand, or give it away to someone else.

If you have a safety problem or concern

If you have some concerns about the safety of a product or if you’re injured by a product, you should tell the retailer or supplier about it.

You also have the right to ask for a remedy such as a refund, replacement, or repair under the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA). One of the guarantees in the CGA is that products must be of acceptable quality, and this includes that the product is safe.

Faulty products – Consumer Protection(external link)

In addition, it’s good to report the details to us – product safety reports from the public help government agencies to identify systemic issues and help us to prioritise and respond to issues.

Report an unsafe product